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    MPH Series of Cone Crusher





    High capacity
    Thanks to the combination of higher speed and throw, which increases the machine’s power rating and throughput capacity. MPH series of cone crushers have the highest capacities for the size in the industry.
    MPH technology allows you to use either fewer or smaller units to get the highest possible production out of the smallest possible space.

    Higher quality
    The unique antiparticle crushing action of MPH series of cone crusher creates a higher value of your product by providing a more consistent gradation and a superior product shape. The ability to operate at a fixed mechanical setting-instead of the head floating a column of hydraulic oil-creates less setting drift and provides more stability throughout the circuit. The proven benefit of a threaded rotating bowl maintains a consistent setting around the entire circumference of the crushing chamber. Also, the use of a tramp release system with a fixed return point makes sure that the crusher setting is instantaneously maintained even after passing a piece of tamp iron. MPH series of cone crusher also enable you to produce a finer product with fewer crushing stages. Lowering your capital costs and saving energy.

    High yield
    By operating the MH cone crusher on the lower end of its speed range, the product gradation can be shifted to produce fewer fines and a higher percentage of on-spec products. The MPH cone crusher creates a higher value product with less waste.
      MPH3 MPH4 MPH6 MPH20 MPH30 MPH40 MPH50 MPH80
    Motor Power
    250 315 500 132 250 315 400 600
    17600 25800 45400 12160 18100 25600 37000 64100
    Max Feeding
    220mm 252mm 330mm 185mm 241mm 304mm 351mm 353mm
    94 - 388 136 - 565 220 - 785 93 - 250 112 -436 136 - 626 170 - 786 256 -1196

    外形尺寸mm MPH20 MPH30 MPH40 MPH50 HP80
    A-至油管底部 297 328 240 425 722
    B-調整環最大直徑 1952 2207 2370 2730 3500
    C-拆除傳動軸部件所需空間 1840 2020 2470 2650 3450
    D-至傳動軸末端 1160 1347 1645 1760 2225
    E-至頂部最大高度 1630 1865 2055 2290 3335
    F-給料口內徑 914 1078 1308 1535 1863
    移出定錐部件所需的空間 2140 2470 2650 3300 4210
    移出動錐部件所需的空間 2165 2455 2715 3165 3845
    J-清理破碎腔時給料斗的向上移位 70 85 150 125 159
    K-地腳螺栓孔的位置 545 660 830 882 1130
    主機架排料口的直徑 1240 1470 1726 2040 2356

    破碎機型號 破碎腔型 標準型 短頭型
    MPH20 13mm 95mm 5mm 26mm
    17mm 125mm 6mm 55mm
     粗 19mm 185mm 10mm 78mm
      超粗 25mm 142mm    
    MPH30 13mm 107mm 6mm 26mm
    17mm 150mm 8mm 53mm
     粗 19mm 211mm 10mm 77mm
      超粗 25mm 233mm    
    MPH40 14mm 111mm 6mm 51mm
    20mm 198mm 8mm 52mm
     粗 25mm 252mm 10mm 92mm
      超粗 30mm 299mm    
    MPH50 16mm 133mm 8mm 52mm
    20mm 204mm 10mm 57mm
     粗 25mm 286mm 13mm 95mm
      超粗 30mm 335mm    
    MPH80 16mm 219mm 5mm 33mm
    25mm 267mm 10mm 92mm
     粗 32mm 297mm 13mm 155mm
      超粗 32mm 375mm    

      MPH20 MPH30 MPH40 MPH50 MPH80
    破碎機總重   10400kg 15810kg 23000kg 33150kg 64100kg
    定錐,定錐襯板,調整帽,料斗 2680kg 3525kg 4800kg 7200kg 15210kg
    動錐,動錐襯板和給料盤 1200kg 2060kg 3240kg 5120kg 9300kg
    最大推薦功率 132KW 200KW 315KW 400KW 600KW
    傳動軸轉速 750-1200 700-1200 700-1000 700-950 700-950

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